Family Dynamic

Family Dynamic

I feel like the modern version of Steve Martin in ‘The Jerk’, remember the scene when the new phone books came out?  That’s me only I’m saying “My website is here, my website is here, I’m somebody now!”  A great movie and a great scene, if you’ve seen it please picture me acting that way, because that is exactly how I feel, if you haven’t then do yourself a favor and watch it, then picture me.  

Direct marketing the fish I catch to the end consumer has been a dream for my wife and me for close to a decade, beginning when we lived up in Oregon, (I know, sad but true).  Packing up our family, all our worldly possessions and moving to Morro Bay has actually been part of fulfilling that dream.  So, this website is very important to me, it symbolizes the culmination of that dream, or maybe the beginning of the realization of our dream.

Like many of my dreams over the years this one also depends on my wife, Tiffani, for it to come true.  She always says I have the hard job and long hours of catching the fish, which is true it’s a hard job and long hours.  But my quality of life would not be what it is without the hard work and long hours she puts in, in town.  With my prolonged absences our kids wouldn’t be the exceptional people they are turning out to be had I not been able to convince this amazing woman to marry me.  So, for this very symbolic first blog I want to highlight her contribution with ‘Family Dynamic’, a poem I once wrote about her.  

This poem will be featured on the program for the ‘Working Waterfront Festival’ in New Bedford, MA in September, and is also the title of one of the seven book ‘Fisherpoets Anthology’ that was just published this year.  I’m a little proud of it, like I’m proud of the woman who inspired me to write it.  When you see her at the farmers markets don’t let her humility fool you.   



When I get on the boat,

and I point her out to sea.

I always remind the crew

this ain't no democracy.


I don't want no misbehaving,

and don't ya give me any lip.

Cause this here fishing vessel

is a dictator-ship.


My word is law,

and I'll bend their will to mine.

If it ain't so now,

it will be in short time.


But back on land

all my authority is lost.

It's just like my kids say

“at home mommy is the boss.”


Now I've heard all those theories,

about who should wear the pants.

But when dealing with matters of town

my wife has a better grasp.


Like a lot of fishermen’s wives

she's smarter than the guy she's married to.

So it only makes good sense

for her to rule the roost.


She runs a real tight ship

it could pass any inspection.

The slightest piece of dust or dog hair

are beyond my detection.


See, I've crossed breaking bars,

been in the worst storm's you've ever seen.

But, that stuff don't scare me half as much

as neglecting to keep the bathroom clean.


She's a loving mother

but will stand for no infraction.

Homework is as disciplined

as a military action.


The pace at which she works

is staggering to see.

If I ran my crew that hard,

they'd probably mutiny.


So, I'll be the boss at sea.

She'll be the boss in town.

I think them fish are lucky

it ain't the other way around.


There you have it, South Bay Wild’s first blog- I look forward to meeting you in the days to come.


Remember- ‘You are what you eat…wouldn’t you rather be wild?


Rob Seitz

South Bay Wild