Nerka Sea-Frozen Salmon


Nerka Salmon

We (Joel & Tele) are second-generation salmon trollers. We’ve been running the Nerka (the boat Joel first went to sea on at two weeks old!) together since 2006, hand-delivering our catch to local chefs and markets. We are artists – a writer & a photographer – who approach fishing as another art form, with salmon as our medium.

Hook & line caught in Southeast Alaska, our wild king and coho salmon are fresher than fresh: cleaned, catheter-bled, fresh-frozen at -40 degrees within an hour of leaving the sea. Nerka Sea Frozen Salmon guarantees you a premium quality, consistent salmon source for October through April, when fresh salmon are out-of-season, hard to come by, or cost-prohibitive.

From Washington’s Whatcom & Skagit Counties all the way to Minneapolis, chefs & grocers have been devoted Nerka friends since 1998. Says one, “If we can’t get Nerka Sea Frozen Salmon, we take salmon off the menu.”