Fish, Fisherpoets and Farmers Markets

     You may have noticed we have two blogs on our website, this isn't because I'm so proud of my typing skills that I think I can fill two spaces with words instead of just one.  Nope, in fact the opposite is true, I have those 'fat fingered fisherman hands' that usually hit at least two letters around the one I'm aiming for, requiring a lot of backspacing!  I do however realize the importance of being able to express oneself and I wanted to offer something a little different, so here's how I've decided to organize our blogs-  This one, the one titled 'News' will be to inform you of what's going on with SBW, how to get our fish, stuff about the fishing trips, how our blogs will be organized, etc.  The other one titled 'Fair Weather and Good Fishin' will be like a poets corner where I will post original works of poetry or prose by myself or others.  Please read more about the featured author and the Fisherpoets gathering below. 


This is a photo of Chris Battle the dock manager at Morro Bay Fish Dock, where South Bay unloads holding up two of the biggest Petrale Sole either of us have ever seen. 

This is a photo of Chris Battle the dock manager at Morro Bay Fish Dock, where South Bay unloads holding up two of the biggest Petrale Sole either of us have ever seen. 

Fisherpoets-Patrick Dixon

I worked for Pat Dixon during the 97' Salmon season in Cook Inlet, AK.  That ended up being Pats last season fishing, but the beginning of a long friendship.  Pat dragged me to my first Fisherpoets Gathering, which happened to be the second one of all time, this year was the 17th.  I refused to go to the first one because I figured if there was ever a sign of being in a dying industry poetry festivals are it.  Pat was persistent though and practically forced me to go and I am forever grateful to him for that.  Fisherpoets gave me a creative release that I didn't even know I needed, but became increasingly important while my fishery made drastic, but necessary changes that were often painful as we moved towards sustainability.  Pat and Fisherpoets have played a huge role in my life, fishing career and sanity, so I wanted to feature him first.  I hope you enjoy Pat's- The Connection-

 The connection was first published by The Journal of Family Life online, July, 2009, and most recently in Anchored in Deep Water: The FisherPoets Anthology - Family  Dynamic.  Pat has written two books Fat City and Swimming With Fish and Other Animals and did a huge amount of work as well as contributing to The Fisherpoets Anthology.  He's an awesome photographer who's work has been featured in National Fisherman and The Smithsonian.  It's impossible for me to think of Fisherpoets without thinking of Pat.  

The Fisherpoets Gathering is always held on the last weekend in February in Astoria, OR.  Last year it had 78 presenters from 14 different states, provinces, or countries.  We had a lady come from the UK last year as well as a guy from Scotland.  Events took place in 6 different bars micro-breweries and art galleries.  Always a fun time with musical and prose works being performed in addition to poetry.  Hope to see you there.

Farmers Markets

Petrale, Ling Cod, Rockfish, Dover Sole and Black Cod will all be available this week from my offload on Wednesday the 13th.  The weather for fishing next week is looking poor through Tuesday though, so next week you will have an opportunity to try our frozen products.  Weather is one of the inconveniences of harvesting WILD fish, we knew this day was coming, in preparation we've been vac sealing and freezing fillet's while they are at the peak of freshness to help us provide a consistent supply of high quality WILD fish, I hope you enjoy.


That's it for this week, thanks for reading all the way to the end-

Remember-You are what you eat, wouldn't you rather be WILD?