2nd Week of Farmers Markets

Our second week of farmers markets is moving along fine.  It's been nice for me to meet and interact with the people who are eating my fish, until now they were just a faceless person usually in a foreign country.  The fact that most of the feedback about our fish has been positive is just icing on the cake.  I think its good for the boys to come down and help once in a while too, nothing makes them go the extra mile for quality like the knowledge that they might be handing that fish to the person who's eating it!

Last week we had a lot of requests for skin on fillets for the BBQ, in response we've left the skin on some of the Ling Cod.  If you have any special requests like this, or if you would like whole fish, please send us an email we would like to fine tune our products to meet our customers needs.

Also, we would like to start a hybrid CSF (community supported fishery) and a pre-order off the boat sales option.  If either or both of these sound interesting please contact us and let us know any thoughts on how we should set them up to be most convenient for you. 

Thanks again for your support, I look forward to meeting all of you in the days to come.  I'll be heading out fishing tomorrow morning, back Tuesday night, so I'll miss the Paso market, but Tiffani and Isabelle will be there.

Remember you are what you eat...wouldn't you rather be wild?

Rob Seitz