"The Seitz’s really care about the community and the future of our fishery. they are working very hard to get their highest quality product to more local consumers, and people should know that is taking a lot of groundbreaking, not always very profitable effort, but they are building something special that will benefit the whole community.  Im proud to know and work with these guys."

–Rick Algert, Morro Bay Community Quota Fund Founder

"Best Lingcod ever...Thanks for keeping the skin on. It was the most moist and tasty ever."

–Don Maruska

"Hello: A friend introduced me to South Bay Wild because I could not find good, fresh fish in the stores. What a lucky break that was! South Bay Wild has the BEST, FRESH fish I have ever eaten. They have an excellent selection and the taste can't be beat! I only shop there for my fish and recommend it to everyone."

–Margie Shiffman

"I moved to California a little over a year ago, having grown up enjoying fresh seafood in New England. South Bay Wild has been my introduction to all the amazing seafood caught right off the shores of California’s central coast. My family and I love to try out new kinds of fish like different types of rockfish and black cod and Tiffani is always incredibly helpful with some recommendations for how to cook it all.  It’s incredible to have such a direct connection to your food in a world of big box stores. My young kids got a chance to watch Rob’s boat offload the catch at the pier and always ask about Rob when we sit down to eat our fish. Despite all the challenges in the fishing business, Rob and Tiffani pour their heart and soul into providing the very best seafood and supporting their local community. That’s why I’m proud to support South Bay Wild."

–Tom Dempsey

"South bay wild has been a blessing for both my partner and me. Fresh fish filet or frozen is now our meals four days a week. We have lost weight, our doctors appointments are excellent and we feel great. South bay wild is professional ran by rob and tiffany. Their knowledge of fish is awesome."

–Arnold Kristofek

"We buy all our fish from South Bay Wild because: it is always the freshest, the prices are the lowest/competitive, their fish processing facility the cleanest and best of all -Rob and Tiffani go out of their way to insure that their customers are 'happy campers'!"

–Susan Heinemann

"We LOVE the fresh fish from Rob and Tiffani! And it comes whole or fileted just how we want. The cooking tips have been invaluable in helping me cook this fresh fish to show off its wonderful taste. Don't forget to make a soup stock from the bones and a stew or soup with that later to extend the goodness....Bettina"

–Tina Salter

"South Bay Wild's Petrale Sole is the best Sole I've had since the last trip I made to Paris. Great people; terrific fish!"

–Chuck Intrieri

Hello, Wanted to let both of you know how much I enjoyed talking with you yesterday. I've done my homework and read the articles Rob gave me regrading California Groundfish Collective. You guys are doing it the right way and I'm happy to be the end recipient. Had the ling cod last night and was delicious. My wife loved it as well. Keep doing what you're doing! I can sense the pride you take in it. Oh yeah, started reading your book Rob and love the "sole". That's bad but couldn't resist. Talk to you soon.

–Dennis Murphy

"South Bay Wild is a wonderful example of "vision".  Expanding from a fishing business to a vertically integrated business successfully 'fishing smarter' versus fishing harder.  Rob and Tiffani's business plan is something that is likely to be replicated up and down the west coast."

–Andrea Lueker, Port San Luis Interim Harbor Director

Former Executive Director - Morro Bay Community Quota Fund